The story of Paper Julep begins in 2006 when my husband and I adopted a little girl from China and named her Janet, after my mother. When Janet was tiny, I happily spent lots of time making silver jewelry at my bench and selling it to stores and galleries. All was well until Janet began to grow up. It quickly became apparent that I could no longer spend hours on end sitting at my jeweler’s bench, and also be a mom — there weren’t enough hours in the day, nor was my work portable enough to move around the house, as Janet moved. I couldn’t solder in the kitchen, polish in the dining room, wrap and pack amongst the stuffed animals. So I began to think about a line of jewelry that would fit into our new life.

My jewelry up to that point was monochromatic — sterling silver with gold accents, and an occasional semi-precious stone. Color had always intimidated me, but I started making paste papers and stitching compositions and was introduced to the patterns and colors of handmade Japanese chiyogami papers. I loved everything about the chiyogami paper — the feel, the fiber, the designs, and the vibrant palette. I especially loved how much these papers were like the etched patterned metals that I used in my silver jewelry. And paper is light. And environmentally friendly, and portable, and celebratory. And paper is something I could use to make jewelry — a line of refreshing, colorful, festive jewelry! And so Paper Julep was born.

Since then we have expanded into colorful wood and paper ornaments, and a line of decorative accent mirrors.

Paper Julep is sold in small boutiques, museum stores and fine craft galleries throughout the United States. Please contact us if you are interested in carrying our work, or would like to find the nearest store to you.

Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PaperJulep to see what’s we are doing in the studio!


Paper is made from delicate fibers and should be handled with care. Your paper jewelry items should be hung when not in use, or placed in a small box to avoid abrasion from crowding. Do not step on them. Use the rubber safety nuts included with earrings to prevent loss. Paper Julep pieces have a protective acrylic surface coat making them water repellant and should require nothing more than a light dusting to clean. As with all jewelry, these pieces love to go out for dinner and dancing but are less happy swimming, water skiing, and scuba diving.

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